Berlin Kurfürstendamm


I took this picture with my first roll of monochrome film. I was fascinated by it, drawn to structures and lines in architecture. It’s somehow a lot easier for me to get into photography  again when starting with monochrome images and working my way to color from there.
This was part of an independent art project by an Austrian artist (or collective? I completely forgot to make a note) and featured texts and poems, stuck to a fence on a crowded Berlin street.
I was quite surprised to see people reading those texts and actually talking about them to their spouses or friends. Seeing art making any kind of touchable impact is still surprising to me.

I used AFGA APX 100 for this and I’ll definitely buy it again. I was skeptical at first, because I heard bad things about AFGA and their quality from a few people online but my local drugstore didn’t have any other monochrome film so I just went with it.
The results where surprising. I am really into the depth and graininess this film brings to the table and will definitely buy it again once I made it through the rolls still collecting dust in my cupboard.

I dont know when I’ll post the next image from Berlin my Lightroom library somehow didn’t like the scans I got with my developed film and won’t let me do anything anymore… So I’ll have to find a friendly person who lets me use their laptop as a glorified CD player to get my pictures back…


2 thoughts on “Berlin Kurfürstendamm

    • The movement of the paper was really mesmerising 🙂
      Oh yes, that was so amazing. I’m usually seeing people walk past something like this and complain about it being inappropriate or annoying. Especially Berlin seems so often indifferent to street art of any kind that I was quite surprised to see people read and discuss.


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