Hey everyone, to be honest I’ll be surprised when there are still people left reading this after the endless hiatus.
I needed some time to be able to take pictures again. Many things in my life changed and some of the posts on here reminded me of a rather painful time. I couldn’t really focus on taking pictures anymore, creative work in general was incredibly hard and needed a lot of energy that I just didn’t have at that point.
It helped a lot to switch to anlog Photography.  I cant see my results directly, which also means that I can’t compare what I see to what ends up on the picture in that exact moment. it takes away a lot of pressure not to know whether a shot worked out or not and allows me to ease into the subject again. Things don’t always go to plan and there have been days of me being totally fed up with all of it, photography, life, university, you name it – i hated it.
But I’ve been going on for way too long to stop now.
Some of my pictures may be bleaker then they used to be. Some may (thanks to Kodak gold) be a lot more vibrant and radiant. We’ll see where this takes me.
during the last weeks I’ve reworked a few images and might start to upload some of them soon.
I’ll make some changes to this blog as well, currently I haven’t found a better alternative regarding my theme (in case you have suggestions please tell me, I’m kinda helpless), some posts – or rather a whole lot of them (about 150) – were already deleted and I might reduce the number even more…
PC220292 2.jpg

This is me now btw. I’ve changed a bit, my hair is quite short now and on some days red as a firetruck (i’m still working out which box dye works best on me…) but I’m actually and genuinely happy this way. I’ve grown a bit into myself, its been about time I guess.

My father took this picture of me when we went to the C/o Berlin in December, they hosted a beautiful exhibition with pictures from Joel Meyerowitz and we decided to go. It’ll be shown until march this year, so in case you’re in Berlin some time soon have a look at it. It’s awesome.

So. As soon as I manage to convince Lightroom to work on my new Laptop there will be new pictures on here, there might still be longer pauses between posts  but I’ll do my best to keep up a semi regular schedule.
Coming up: stuff from Brussels, Nice, and as soon as I get the pictures developed Tallinn.



4 thoughts on “Changes

    • I’m glad as well, it’s an important part of my life and not being able to take a decent picture for so long was really challenging…
      I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I might start after finishing with second year – especially as my bathroom seems just perfect for it and I’ve always found it really interesting to develop film 😉


  1. Hi Mary, ich habe tatsächlich nicht mehr oft in deinen Blog gesehen (wie du merkst), aber doch immer wieder an dich gedacht und gehofft, dass du den Blog weiterführen wirst. Du bist so eine spannende, faszinierende Persönlichkeit, dass ich gern verfolge, was in deinem Leben passiert. Alles Gute für dich!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ach mach dir keinen Kopf. Ich versuche den Blog im Moment ein bisschen wieder zu beleben, vielleicht hast du davon ja was mitbekommen 🙂
      Zu dem Kompliment sag ich dann mal danke, solltest du meine Posts weiter verfolgen wollen freue ich mich sehr (deine macarons sind übrigens extrem toll geworden)
      Alles alles gute auch für dich. Solltest du mir irgendwann eine mail geschrieben haben ist die wahrscheinlich untergegangen… Entschuldigung dafür


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