Look who is standing there…


While exam period is currently eating away my social life, I enjoy little throwbacks to cities I visited.
Revisiting Helsinki this spring was wonderful. The snow had not yet thawed and even though it was so much colder than in Riga, the city was also so much lighter and vivid.
Riga tends to get all dark and depressing during the winter period and even though this might be a thing about Helsinki as well, it wasn’t as prominent.
So I spent my time in little coffeshops, eating cinnamon buns and drinking tea, while listening to a friend of my mother who talked about living in Helsinki and the wonderful things one can do.
I still have a few points on my list which I have not yet seen in and around the city and I will definitely come back and revisit it.
Any suggestions on what I should especially look for the next time I visit?


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