A while ago I was contacted by an employee of the light company to participate in their #vantagePoint project.
Light is currently about to launch its new camera, the L16, of which I had already read on the wired magazine’s website. The camera is quite intruguing to me, especially as i am currently facing the struggles of fitting university papers and a camera into my handbag, which quite often leads to me leaving the camera at home and missing some moments for wonderful pictures on my way into the city. This is also one of the main reasons for me struggling to take pictures on a regular basis. The quality of my phones camera, just isn’t sufficient on most days and sometimes it is just too much effort to carry around several pounds worth of equipment.
This is where the L16 caught my attention. It seems to have a rather different approach, using 16 lenses, not made of glass but as in smartphones from plastic. It looks at least a little otherworldly to me, but is definitely something I would like to try out some day.
The images shot with it are definitely not what you would expect from a compact camera, just head to the Light gallery and have a look yourself.

The only catch to me is definitely the price. Light is selling its L16 for 1,300$ in case you have preordered. It’ll be 1,700$ in case you haven’t.
To me this is sadly not anywhere near being affordable and comfortable for everyday use. Especially being as small and as expensive, I would worry a great deal about it getting stolen, scratched or broken.

But it is a marvelous first approach anyway. I will definitely keep looking for the L16 and hope for following models to either be somewhere near my budget or affordable when buying them second hand.

My submission for the #VantagePoint project is one of the pictures I had on my hard drive for quite a while. The project is all about showing your favorite motive or spot.


This picture was taken here in Riga, my hometown for the next few years. The most prominent thing about the riga skyline is definitely the amount of churches and the bridges between the two parts of the city.
When I have some spare time I love to walk along the Daugava, sitting on one of the benches along the way and just watching the sun go down, painting everything in the warmest hues of orange and red.
I took this image when my boyfriend was with me, we had just picked up some Thai food to go and sat down on a bench in front of Latvia’s national library, to watch the city at dusk.
I took my camera with me because i never managed to catch this specific hue of orange before and even though the church is actually not in focus as I had wished it to be, I like how the colors turned out.
It might not be one of the most spectacular or artful or even beautiful pictures I took since starting into photography two years ago, but it is definitely one with a lot of backstory adding to its beauty.

In case you feel like sharing your own pictures for the #vantagePoint project, just post them under that hashtag. I would be glad to see what your favorite spot looks like.


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