I tend to wander around cities in weird ways. I tend to watch the world move and turn around me and stop in the middle of the sidewalk to cry out and show my boyfriend that wonderful and fascinating thing is saw or to advise him to stand exactly there and stop moving and breathing and ‘yes, now look the other way, honey.’

I tend to see weird things and take even weirder pictures. I am sometimes feeling way younger than i am and am still fascinated by colored glass and reflections and the layering of hose. The contrast between the inner and outer world, separated by a tiny piece of glass and the way light draws its lines onto it…
I am totally fascinated by bookshops and you might drop me off in one for  a whole day and i wouldn’t get bored the slightest bit.
This was in Temple- an old shop for lawbooks and publications of any sorts. You can see the shelves a little, stuffed with colorful issues of text I would possibly never understand or grasp. Though I’d still want to read and conquer them somehow…
Maybe it is a good thing I study medicine: it offers a lot to read 😉


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