Public transportation


I just love the tube… I guess that is one of the things identifying me as tourist… It’s just so handy and well organized (and expensive but we don’t talk about that) and I love it.

It has been just a matter of time until there would be a picture from one of the stations as well 😉


13 thoughts on “Public transportation

    • I love to sit there and just read something… it is so much more relaxed than it is here in Riga… I couldn’t sit and read because I mostly don’t get a seat and if I am standing I rather hold onto the handrails with both of my hands- otherwise I stumble through the whole bus/ Tram when the driver decides to finally hit the brakes…


    • I am most certainly totally strange 😉
      Yes… somehow… it is a varying relationship but I like the looks and the brilliant way they organised their transportation especially in the inner city…
      The only thing that sucks is when the tube doesn’t work or is too crowded…


      • I’ve never been to paris (well at least not as far as I can remember) but I always wanted to go there… Maybe with anton?
        We lived in the ‘suburbs’ (relatively quiet, close to city airport) and took the jubilee to get into the city… When traveling off peak it is very very relaxed…


      • I sounds quite mean to take pictures of people eating… I hope he took other pictures of you as well – otherwise it might look a little weird regarding your activities in the holidays…
        But we had the same stuff in London… I was sick quite long and badly, so had to make cuts regarding our program, meaning mostly that we went to eat at several places and enjoyed ourselves 😉


      • Hmm … I believe around 70% of the photos he takes are showing me eating … and you can look really stupid while doing this. And he loves to show them around and tell anyone I did nothing else the whole holiday. What is not quite right, I also had to travel from one cafe to the next :-p

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