Have a look at graffiti…

I am back from my week in London. Since Monday.
I planned on uploading some of my pictures a littler earlier this week but… Let’s say it didn’t quite work out. Anyway. I have got a whole collection of awesome street art – mainly found around brick lane, discovered, that all my favorites from last year have not made it through the winter but have been replaced by more wonderful murals and other artsy stuff.

This one was rather found by chance than planned… I really wanted to visit the ‘Beigel bake’ bakery at brick lane, because a friend of mine recommended it to me. Well, it was a LOT further down brick lane than i thought it would be. No 159 brick lane is a long way down the road, if you come from no 1….
On my way to the possibly best bagels I ever ate, I got sucked into the code street.
It seems to be quite well known (though I had never heard of it before) and therefore it was a pleasant surprise to find some wonderful street art in an alley which looked more or less unpleasant at first sight.




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