On moteens (a german based blog, featuring controversial topics and current events) there was a question to discuss.

What do you prefer? The itchy, broken and weird truth or a wonderful dream?

And I have to say, I wasn’t sure.

Because we all know how wonderful it is to hear the things we’d like to. How right and amazing and like able we are and how weird all those others are and how everyone who doesn’t agree is wrong and how our point of view is the correct one and how we should go on and be strong and how everything will work out.

But it wont.

There are days on which we look weird. And behave unreasonable and are so wrong.
And that we behave awfully and should get down to earth and do weird things and how we should start to work and do our thing if we want stuff to work.

I want to know when I am behaving wrong.
I want to know when I am out of place and should change and think things through.

Because no one is perfect. And even if everyone told me how wonderful and perfect I was (which I am in fact not), I would know.
I would see in their faces, that they are lying and that something is not right at all and there would be this itchy feeling.
Something is wrong but no one is telling you.
Something is wrong but they decided, that there is no need for you to know.
something is wrong but they don’t care enough to tell you. And you are all on your own with that itchy feeling and the uncertainty.

I want truth. I want the bloody, awful and hurting truth is needed. And If you feel as if I should get my priorities straight and shouldn’t behave like i do, then I’ll listen to you.
I might get cynical in case I don’t like you (and I might even tell you that).
But I will listen and you can take for granted that I’ll think about it and talk to people about it and that I will change in case I need to.

Because I want to be a better version of myself one day, because I love to fight and love to improve.
And because I would like to hear the truth.
Dreams are wonderful. But they are for the sleeping.
I want to be knowing and awake and fight and change and realize. And I wont be able to if everyone tried to get along with me.
We all have our issues and flaws and faults. And the way we get along with that defines how we are and who we are.And If no one told me about them, I couldn’t do that.

So tell me the truth. Shout t me, be awful, be unfriendly, be aggressive and tell me how wrong I am. Tell me, how my pictures are awful and my texts are weird. And I’ll listen to you. I’ll listen and think it through and improve.
But don’t expect me to lie to you then.



3 thoughts on “Realities

  1. Es nun wirklich froh, dass du mitgemacht hast! Einbildungen sind schön und gut, aber manchmal braucht man einfach die Realität. Die unveränderte Wahrheit, damit man sie verarbeiten kann, sie hinnehmen kann und vielleicht etwas ändern kann. Damit sie sich ins Positiw verändert. Erst man wenn man die Wahrheit auch mal von Außen zu hören bekommt, wird sie für einen selbst real, unausweichlich. Man muss sich ihr dann stellen. Ob man will oder nicht.
    Toller Beitrag!
    Liebe Grüße,

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