Churces and vigipirate


In Nice there is a cathedral and it is beautiful.
People come to visit and have a look inside and enjoy themselves. I am not very religious but there is no need to be. To me, just sitting inside a church or cathedral and enjoying its full beauty and a moment of silence is valid as well.
And very often people start to talk to me.
I once had a wonderful conversation with a priest in a beautiful church in Italy. He spoke english quite well and I sat in that church for an hour, relaxing, admiring the windows and architecture. And he came along, it was a quiet day and at first he wanted to know, wether I would like to confess. But I am not catholic and told him so.
And we talked. For ages. About me being agnostic, about not fitting into the concept of church, because I am into girls occasionally and because I dislike church and the proceedings.
And we had a chat and he embraced me, took me as I was and hugged me before I left. Because he said everyone should be accepted and loved and if he was the first and or only one, that was what I needed for a long time.

And there is this church in Nizza.
Where they pin a sign from vigipirate, featuring a color code, signaling the threat level regarding the specific area. There is no wish to stay for long.
You are looked at, if you sit down for longer and no one wants to talk to you.

Dont get me wrong:  understand all of it. But it is sad and weird anyways.


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