Beautiful Nice


I spent my time in Nice, France during the last days (starting from friday) and I was not that sure whether I would be back in time with something to post before today… Well. My mothers birthday is tomorrow (and I don’t know WHY we came back the day before that but we did and anyways, it doesn’t really matter…)
I brought back a few pictures, Nice is a beautiful city, not enough to be one of my favorites but still. I like he narrow streets and the flair of that city. And the Ice cream. I love Ice cream…

These pictures were displayed in one of the streets, the artist was nowhere to be seen and I am unsure, whether those were actually for sale or to be taken… It was somehow weird to see them there with no one looking after them.
I liked them somehow and wouldn’t really stop looking at the woman’s face. It kind of makes me think about who that was and what she did… Most certain thing: she was beautiful.


5 thoughts on “Beautiful Nice

    • Good point, I guess… It was quite empty down there. Actually quite scary if you think about it. The sea is wonderful and blue and I like it. And the french patisserie is always beautiful 😉 In case you have instagram you can have a look at some tasty stuff at @handbagtraveller or @brightpigments 😉


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