Once again – in color


This could be the last Image from the famous Berlin Gendarmenmarkt – though I am not completely sure about that.
Only thing I know is, that I have now officially spent more days here in Germany than there are left. I made it throgh the half of it, now I’ll manage to do the rest as well.
Two and a half weeks left in my hometown and then a week of London (which me and my BF are arlready preparing for – In case you have any suggestions or tips, go ahead and please tell me 😉 )

I am a little unsure on why I ike the one above. I would prefer the monochrome pictures I took from that place without any second thought but this is somehow intriguing as well. I like the contrast between the deep and glowing blue and the yellowishly lit facades of the buildings…

Which one do you prefer, looking back on the three pictures I took at the Gendarmenmarkt? Which style do you think suits this place best?


16 thoughts on “Once again – in color

  1. Also ich (aber das bin nur ich), ich mag die farbigen mehr. Einfach weil sie vertrauter wirken. Nachtaufnahmen und s/w klappt in den seltensten Fällen finde ich… Wobei ich bei Dir schon welche gesehen habe, bei denen es sehr gut gepasst hat!

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  2. It’s a difficult decision, I’m with you – I like the B&W photo a lot but then I also like to see the warm lights contrasting with the blue sky!
    Enjoy London and take a lot of photos 🙂 Back in 2013 I was there for a weekend and did a photo series on my blog – if you want to check out for ideas of places to visit see HERE.

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    • Thank you! I will definitely have a look at all the London posts (just looked at two of them yet and I am already amazed 🙂
      I have been to London twice so far- that makes finding motives a little easier (because I know what went completely wrong last time 😉


      • There wasn’t anything that went wrong the last time – we were absolutely awesome and would never ever do something wrong! We just live adventurous!!


      • I know darling. I know.
        Love, there is not always an adventure to use as an apology for forgetting at which day something’s open 😉
        But hey- I’ll definitely have to answer to the boys on why you’re not my girlfriend yet…


  3. Monochrome is always wonderful, but the contrast you have here of the blue sky, the building colors, and then the lights on the buildings really is very nice too. There is something about the overall look here that is very inviting. Nothing wrong with your monochrome shots of this of course, but I really like this one!

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    • I can imagine what you are thinking of 😉 The monochrome shots are my style when it comes to architecture. Especially when it is quite extra ordinal or opulent. But the atmosphere this time was only captured when using color 😉
      I can imagine what you think of when calling it ‘inviting’ – because this is what berlin is to me 😉

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      • In the last two years I have taken a lot more monochrome shots. In fact I very often take the same shot in color and monochrome just to compare which is better when I get home. But sometimes I know that one choice is clearly better, and I think for this one you definitely made the right one!

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