Participated in an event at the Berlin zoo last Friday, they lent a lens to me and now i am in love… You can even see the straw at that zebras head! Ans the fur! It was quite far away and so on… Oh my god… (you see, I am all over the place and going completely bonkers over that thing. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to afford it but so what. I’ll just keep dreaming…)

Stuff coming up: a bunch of wild beasts, Anton and something from Berlin… And most likely more dreaminess regarding that lens… (IT WAS SO AMAZING!)


8 thoughts on “Stripes

    • As far as I can recall it was this one (That’s a link to the nikon website…).
      I normally use a quite basic lens, it is working fine but regarding quality and usability close to completely different…
      MAybe it is a weird thing that I like it that much… 😉

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      • It’s not weird at all 😉 I remember when I first got my Nikon it had a kit lens, then when I switched to a 35mm and later to a 70-200mm I was so happy – it makes a huge difference! My big zoom lens is a Sigma, their lenses are very good quality and a little cheaper than the nikkor ones 😉

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      • Same here… The pictures look so much better somehow. I am used to my lens though and it was a little time needed to get used to the new possibilities. I’ll now go and search through the collection of my father for something similar (he owns a collection of barely used stuff and said I might look for something I could make use of. Thats at least a start into something new 😉 )

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