Fotoparade 1 -2016

I follow the wonderful blog of Michael (watch out, it’s written in German but the pictures are amazing anyways 😉 ) and I don’t think I’ll soon grow tired of his fotoparades. I like the idea of wrapping up the things you did twice a year, looking back for a moment and realizing, that half of the year is already gone and everything is moving so incredibly fast. (It actually shocked me a little to realize that more than the half of this year is done and I have already studied one semester of medicine. WHERE is my time???)
My life has changed a lot and I, myself changed a lot, too I guess… Maybe for better, maybe for worse, who knows.

The given categories for this parade? Amazing and a little tricky as always…

  • colorful
  • monochrome
  • animal
  • light
  • vehicle
  • nature

There are two categories that Michael added himself, I’ll take one of them as well:

  • hometown

and as always there is the picture I liked most during the last six months…


Well… I wasn’t feeling so colorful these days… My clothes turn a little more to the black side of things since I got to Riga, though my hair turned bright red somehow… Well not somehow but more or less deliberately (actually completely deliberately). Maybe that is the most colorful thing around… Or maybe it isn’t… And as I won’t show you a picture of my hair (even if it was as wonderfully red as you are allowed to imagine) I’ll give this to you:


One thing I still don’t get used to here in the cold north is the lighting and the sky… All this slight hues of blue and purple, the fact that it is never dark for too long in summer (which makes studying at night a whole lot easier). Currently “days” start around 2 a.m. and last to something around 11 p.m..

The picture is not as colorful as you could possibly choose for this topic but as colorful as it can get – if you don’t want pictures of my jackson-pollock-styled workplace after drawing or painting a little and in the end I actually like the colors in this one. There is no need to be always that much “in ones face” when being colorful. The slighter hues are sometimes a lot better to look at.


I have got a lot for this, I guess…


This was one of the first pictures I took here in Latvia and one sadly describing my situation back then quite good. I felt so incredibly lonely for some few weeks, the people here were somehow weird, I couldn’t understand a single word they said and even though they wanted to help me, I couldn’t even understand what they were up to. My neighborhood somehow scared me a little (because it is somehow torn… especially in winter it looks incredibly wrecked and yeah, we have a bunker somehow around here…), the university was so new, my anatomy professor truly freaked me out somehow (to the point of not being able to talk in an oral exam) and for a few days I really thought about dropping everything, leaving Latvia, leaving my family and everything behind and starting over. Somewhere. From scratch. Somewhere where no one knows me, i could be who I am, do what I would like to do and so on. Even if that had meant no support what so ever…
I missed Germany a whole lot, the girlfriend I had back then, the company of my friends and so on…
Long story short: I couldn’t stand all of that any longer, was willing to make a change and get happy again. I finally broke up with my girlfriend AND the circle of weird people that had accumulated around me (because they somehow made me feel even worse), really got to know a wonderful person (my current boyfriend) and found new friends in Latvia, talked to my anatomy prof about how much I fear him on some days (because he helped me a whole load during that oral exam to get myself together again) and we sorted things out. Second exam and final test was a lot better, university got home somehow and my neighborhood is way less scary now. I fought my way back to a pleasant life with a lot of support from my boyfriend and some help from friends.
The situation above is for me no longer a symbol of loneliness but rather of chosen solitude… I still enjoy standing there and staring at the sea, hearing the waves rumble and feeling the water at my feet… It as well helps with studying somehow. I am no longer lonely or scared but enjoying what I have got with each and every minute. My life is wonderful and it is a true gift to live that close to the seaside after all. Life is pleasant these days and that is what it’s all about.



This one is a little newer, taken while Anton was here and we spent some time together. This bird was nerve wrecking actually. We wanted to see he sunset at the seaside, ariving at about 8 p.m. with blankets and so on, getting us something to eat and to drink and so on. As we sat there the seagulls started closing in, walking about and flying above our heads… It was somehow amazing and somehow annoying but whatever.
It was a special evening somehow. The whole past weeks were under the grave sign of the nearing anatomy examination (the one determining whether I was allowed to go to pre session exam, a thing normally nobody fails, and was allowed to go home sooner…) and yeah… I was finally done… Examination period still growing closer and I knew I was not completely through but this feeling of freedom, of sitting somewhere, not having to memorized some weird things about muscles and being able to just enjoy a moment of pure ‘being’… That was amazing somehow and is a thing that still makes me smile when I look at this picture…



Going home has always been a very special thing since I started studying in Latvia. After said evening on the beach Anton flew back to Germany and as my semester was technically over I accompanied him. It meant a little fuss for me BUT we had five extra days. And I knew I was able to do my stuff in Düsseldorf as well so… It worked out definitely… I passed all the exams afterwards so it seemed to have worked out the way I planned it to. And we had a wonderful time together.

This was the moment we were about to land in cologne… his father was going to pick us up and I was so anxious about meeting that man. Being completely nervous and fucked up I was unable to sleep as well, and the flight was somehow weird (we were about two hours late I guess) and yeah… I was completely done. But looking out of the window, seeing the city beneath me, the lights and everything, the situation suddenly seemed a lot less terrible. I was happy to be able to do this, happy about having the chance to accompany anton, happy about being in Germany for a little while, happy about getting out of latvia, away from all the studying, just for a little while… I never thought this would work out (and somehow it clearly didn’t – everything is strangely blurred) but it is a memory, a precious moment banned onto my SD card (celluloid would be way better as a metaphor but after all it is still a DSLR and I can’t do anything with celluloid, I fear…)



Maybe the only picture I took this year, featuring a vehicle… It was taken on an abandoned cemetery in Riga, the graves and tombs are all a little damaged, some are actually torn apart. the park is used by the locals for walking their dogs, going by bike or just sitting in the grass and enjoying the sunlight. A wonderful and fascinating but at the same time somehow depressing place to be.


oh yes, we have nature around here. like a whole load of it 🙂 I don’t know which kind of picture to put for nature- maybe this one will fit


The jurmala coastline – great to play around with lines, quite foggy and unpleasant in winter. That is why I love it so much. Great lengths of the beach are covered by ice shells, everything is quiet, the wind is biting into your nose and you better dress up warm enough to come here…

But if you do, you’ll see an amazing landscape, enjoy a quiet beach and experience why i love latvia so much after all.


Home is the last and was added by Michael himself. I will just take this category as well, because I like this picture so much and wanted it to be included into all of this.

_DSC2170 (1)_Fotor

This is Riga, this is my city, my home, sometimes wonderful, sometimes terrible off-putting, I get lost here each and every time I wander through the city and suddenly reappear on a completely unknown street or place or in some kind of weird backyard. Everything seems to be possible here, good and worse, wonderful and terribly frightening, there is a lot of wealth and poverty, innovation and on the same street old buildings which are crumbling to pieces… It is a city of extremely fast or off-puttingly slow workers, books for 3€ if you know where to go and high quality-low price public health care…
This is my home after all. I do no longer live in Germany, I am German and all the people I love are in Germany but Riga has become my home.

My favorite picture


This one is from Berlin, where I am currently. Anton lying on my lap, the sunlight on our faces, a small breeze waving through the flowers a few steps away, carrying their scent, the leaves whispering above and the city mumbling just a few steps away, telling stories of stressed and overworked people and the small dose of happiness in between two concrete blocks… But here we are, enjoying ourselves (to the amusement of the people walking by).
I had to capture this one. To the greatest of times and the happiness we found.



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