Going home


People say home is where the heart is… Well.  To me home is no definite place I guess… home is Latvia, home is Germany… Somewhere in between Berlin, Düsseldorf and the countryside… home is wherever my loved ones are… So yes… in fact I have to realize even for me: home is where the heart is…
This one was during my flight to Düsseldorf with Anton, I stayed for a few days in between exams and yeah… I am terribly scared of flying. Like not of the process but of the moments before and after takeoff and landing… I don’t know… How should such a thing fly and how should it ever land on the ground safely again? How?! With Anton it is surprisingly a lot easier. Not having to listen to music but leaning against is shoulder instead, not having to close my eyes but looking out of the window while holding his hand…
I like this view, the moments before you land, when you fly so close to the ground that you can actually see all the little streets and cars and so on.. I like it somehow… This is coogne by the way- we flew ryanair to cologne (were two hours? late) and i was totally captured by this view… It is amazing to see such a big city again… It is not like Riga is that small but it is a totally different dimension after all…
The first meters on German ground, signs in German, the Autobahn… I was at home… Sitting in the back of a car, holding Antons hand, knowing my home will be wherever he is…


4 thoughts on “Going home

    • I am so happy not to be the only one! I never knew if I was because everyone seemed so cheerful on flights… Well – I am going to Helsinki on Monday (and will meet him there) – that will be kind of hard but I think I’ll barely have to fly on my own anymore 😉


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