The last day before Anton left Riga we decided to do something special. It was the day after my anatomy exam, there was a lot of time left before any other exam was due and we spent the evening at the seaside, watching the sun go down above the water, cuddled up under a blanket and enjoying ourselves…

Up to that point I had actually never seen a sunset. So I brought my camera along – I wanted to take some pictures of anton as well and while we were waiting for the sun to finally go down I started playing around with my camera, taking pictures of some seagulls and caught this.



4 thoughts on “Moving

    • Met him in Düsseldorf- he was one of Lisa’s friends and we eventually got good friends as well… After Lisa and I separated he was there for me and somehow it evolved into a serious relationship… We fit together amazingly well and even the distance works for us – he visits me quite regularly and spends time here – I visited him in Düsseldorf and so on.
      Though it must sound rather weird to have a relationship to a friend of your former girlfriend XD


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