I am nearly done with my first semester of studying and Riga is most certainly home now. I love his city, the way it presents itself, the possibilities and the nice little cafe’s – though I haven’t been to most of them actually…
The realization that I am not actually getting anything done around the city came during the last weeks and as Anton was here- I am still getting lost and don’t have a clue where I am on some days… Maybe the next years will change that, otherwise I’ll wander around the city with the look of constant surprise from now on. Because It is quite surprising each time to realise that you never even knew a place existed and even more surprising whan you can’t find it again the next day…

though my Latvian has improved. I can now ask where to find stuff – but with no idea whatsoever how to interpret and understand the answer I get 😉 I think I’ll stick to ‘I am sorry, I don’t understand the Latvian language that well. Do you speak english?’ (each time a surprise for people that one can utter this in seemingly fluent Latvian and can’t understand a single word of what they say anyways 😉


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