Portraits II


The sun was shining through the window, his eyes glowing in the dark red evening sun, so impressive…

I like the way they are blurred, the space that is left for imagination by just showing the tiny little strands of hair falling into his face in focus… Leaving out the eyes that could be so loud, so impressive or so dangerous. Who knows?
Well I do and to me they are always stunningly wonderful and full of warmth…

I don’t know if this effect works for ‘others’ as well as it does for me. I think it is quite impressive to take a picture like this. I’d be glad about some feedback regarding the point of focus… Or the way of reworking it.


4 thoughts on “Portraits II

    • Thank you 🙂 I like them quite a lot as well- and can totally relate to that ‘sexy’ 😉 (he is my boyfriend 😉 )
      His eyes are very deep, on some days very dark, on others filled with sparkle… It is wonderful to experiment with them 😉

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