Peace in destruction


The roofs have long ago fallen apart, the doors are closed, with brick walls, concrete blocks or rusting iron… There is still a moment of beauty in them, just a few seconds of realization what could have been. How they could look like, what could have happened without all the destruction and just a little bit of care…
Though people actually care (at least a little) – in front of some were flowers, some seemed to be a little cleaner than the rest, the marble a little less dull… Though the others were covered in graffity, the brick walls pertly broken and the trash inside was visible through the holes in the metal plates…
Some seem to be a sleeping place. Some seem to have been destroyed just for the sake of destruction…
A fascinating place to be – and most certainly one which leaves you with some kind of strange feeling…


9 thoughts on “Peace in destruction

  1. Passt super in nen Film aus den 50igern irgendwie. Von der Stimmung, der mauer… Es fehlt der weiße Schatten der verschwimmt 😉 Oder der mann mit Hut der ums Eck kommt 😉 Schöne Aufnahme und absolut passend in s/w!

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