Honoring the dead


I am (as always) sorry for the delay – my laptop finally decided to give up working and I had to hand it in. Even though I tried to avoid this I am finally without anything for about two weeks  (currently typing from my boyfriends laptop in order to get away with the usual procedure at least somehow)…

Anyways. This one is still from the graveyard in the older parts of the city. There are huge differences between the single graves… On the one hand there are this huge places of devastating destruction and on the other hand restored and polished marble with fresh flowers on it.
Even though these little blue ones were growing everywhere around this place it is most certainly the act that counts and is valuable, isn’t it?

Plans for the coming days: visiting this graveyard to take some shots of Anton, trying to get a decent programme to rework my new pictures at least a little to make all of this work, get away with a fixed laptop AND something to eat for the rest of the month 😉 …


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