‘Lost’ places


I am sorry if the posts are a little shorter or more or less off shedule currently – my laptop gave up working a little and I still have to find someone who finds me a solution for that somehow 😉 Maybe I’ll bump into somebody on the streets or just turn it in for ‘standard’ support at apple… Maybe.


I discovered a new spot. A park – a.k.a graveyard a.k.a side of severe destruction and decay a.k.a the place I lost my faith in humanity a little.
Well… The last ones tone it down somehow, don’t they?
It is a huge area with many old and somehow torn tombstones, lots of wild flowers, many weird people, beautiful pathways… I might go there with some friends of mine for a few dark and sinister portraits or darker pictures in general… This place has to be scary somehow during dusk and dawn… Maybe on a foggy day… (If i’ve got the guts to go there without being scared as hell myself XD )
Above you can see the first ‘chapel’ or ‘tomb’ I saw in that area. We walked past it and I managed to get this picture. I think it combines the two things weirding me out quite well: the brick wall, allowing no insight or entrance (although you could see some weird anarcho graffity from the outside, a lot of rubbish and that someone lifted the plates covering the grave itself) and the fact that people were actually using this park for leisure. They were laughing, taking their dogs for a walk (which really got me – because it is a graveyard after all) and some of them – just some had a look at the graves and passed by with earnest and grave faces, I think at the end of my visit my expression was somehow similar… I suppose you’ll understand when seeing some of the other pictures… They really tore down some of the graves, making brick walls crumble, painted marble, sprayed tags on headstones…
It was shocking. If you don’t value your ancestors, what do you actually hold dear?


5 thoughts on “‘Lost’ places

  1. I´d like to see more of those pictures. I don´t know why people spray graffitti on graves! Same goes for other peoples houses. I like graffitti when it´s in public spaces and well done – but the people who just spray their shitty tags on somebodys freshly painted house piss me off incredibly. It´s full of disrespect.

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    • Just so much needless destruction isn’t it? I was shocked somehow because they normally spray only on areas where their paint is easily removed around here… But an anarchist symbol on a headstone? It is truly expressing a fondness for anarchism but well…

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      • I doubt they really have anarchist philosophy on their mind. I think it is plain rudeness. I go by “my liberty ends where yours begins” personally…

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      • It is most likely just a sign of protest- there were band names, Latvian slogans, political quotes… The anarchist symbol was a common motive- maybe because it’s so easy to say that you won’t obey the law (as long as it still protects you) without really thinking about it 😉
        Same here 😉 there are better signs of protest 😉

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