Street art


Street art in Riga is quite fascinating to me. There is this huge contrast between the art nouveau buildings, just beyond the bench and this giant graffitis, the pure protest and posh living… I like it quite a lot. I found some spots where I really have to go back to (because I don’t take my camera with me all the time) and will post a small series about this during the next weeks…

The remarkable thing is: They do know the border between destruction and art. different than in Germany they don’t spray onto the wonderful facades, but on places which can be covered up more easily. It is merely for the sake of the ‘art’ than for protest or destruction…

I once found a wall completely covered with the picture of a giant deers head, some leaves and stuff but it will take hours to get back there… maybe during the next weeks somehow…

I like the meaning of this one… The left wing protest in one of the most expensive areas of the city. It is making me smile to see some of the posh ladies walking past, cringing a little, the lips pressed together in the expression of total disgust and the unwillingness to understand…


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