Honest smiles on dusty days


this one is from the time when I was back in Germany… Amelie was the only one of my photography people I managed to meet but it was marvelous anyways.
The day I went to see her was somehow cold and rainy. The typical dusty German day before spring really starts. The light was somehow dull, a little distant, blurring everything and coloring the world a little blueish…
I had few ideas about what to do with her – here in Latvia I barely took any portraits of people and was out in the city for a photography related purpose only two or three times in total… Therefor i was quite unsure about how to instruct her, what to ask her to do, what to tell her, when to joke, when to ask for an earnest face…
I had few motives constructed in my head, even fewer worked out. This one appeared by chance somehow. I tried around a little and liked the angle- I was sitting in a tree at that point because we decided it might be fun actually ^^ (yes, i am 18 years old and still find fun in climbing trees. Nevermind, I am grown up.)
She is so shy when it comes to smiling – or even looking at the camera. Sometimes her face is so ernest, so grown up, distant and somehow I always miss the spark in her eyes, the happiness of her smile… It has a terrible effect on my general cynicism (ripping it to shreds or hugging it until it explodes from an overdose of happiness…)
This one seems to characterize her quite well… She is amazing… And if you get her to smile she is even more beautiful than on normal days 🙂


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