Open doors


Hey there.
I am back. Like officially back for another few weeks before university hits me again… Well anyways – I was in Berlin, wrote all the tests so far and got through it quite well. I am so amazed ^^
Though you start to wonder, what to do with your time when you’re not spending the entire day in the university or national library for study purpose… I think I might actually start meeting people again (like the actual human kind of interaction BESIDES lingering over some bones in an ancient building to discuss their outward appearance and structure) and therefor there might actually be a few pictures on here… I brought a few of them back from Berlin- I revisited some old spots, found some new… It might be quite interesting to you as well- this weekend I’ve got absolutely nothing to do and will therefor spend my time in Riga, taking the pictures I wished for all along…

the one above is from Berlin as well- one of the old buildings with a wonderful door, just a few centimeters opened and leading my mind to any kind of suggestion, what could be behind it. A moment of wondering, of silent amazement, quiet observance… A friend of mine on the phone, some music in the air and the sun on my face…

Spring is coming, even the people of riga can’t deny it anymore. It is getting warm and sunny and the people start being a little more joyful.Well, just a little. I tend to be as well… Strolling the city without freezing (I actually forced my ‘coat’ back into the wardrobe a week ago) and realizing how wonderful those certain minutes of dusk and dawn are… I really need to take more pictures!


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