snowy hills


As todays theme in photo101 (yeah, I am taking part (again)) is landscape and cropping I went through my archives a little.
I wanted to post this one for ages.
I like the colors and the way those boulders break thorugh the ice somehow… I took it before setting off to Riga in February – but I couldn’t stand the thought of not showing it to you…


8 thoughts on “snowy hills

      • I think it might be because it is a new site and I provided a link. It is still the same domain name, but not under wordpress anymore so that might be why. Thank you for your response:)

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      • It is definitely possible – though the link in your profile still includes the old wordpress domain… I don’t know… are you able to change that?
        I guess my spam filter got quite picky – just recovered two of your comments and three others from there… Weird somehow… Will have to look through there more often.
        And the new page is already included in my feed ^^

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      • I will go back and try to change that again because it should show the new site. But technology can get too technical sometimes lol Thank you for letting me know and for all your support:)

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