Mysterious reflections


_DSC2204.jpegWhenever I sit next to a window – no matter whether it is in a train, a car, in my flat or in university, a café in the city or anywhere else… There is this feeling, the layering of the outer world and my own reflection, the dialogue between what is real and what in’t, what is out and inside and the surreal scenarios their mix can create…
I enjoy my place on the windowsill, looking at the reflection of the flowers next to me while wondering whether that hipbone I drew through the last 10 minutes is actually anatomically correct, thinking about starting over again and realizing how wonderful it is to see the sun vanish above the wonderful river…
You can only see the reflections of existing things, can’t you? What if we see things differently when they are reflected? What if they changed their form? What if they tended to surprise us, when showing a different side through getting reflected?
It is a mystery, what is beyond this windowpane, on both sides the only thing you see is a blurred reflection. There may be flowers, there may be a tree, a house, something other on the other side. Who knows.



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