The sights…


_DSC2170 (1)

I am somehow ashamed to tell you: I haven’t done any sightseeing in the city yet. Not at all. I just walk past all this tourist stuff and be like ‘oh… I have to get back here somewhen later to take a picture! This is beautiful!’ and well… Later never happened until now and I think I’ll really have to find a group of people to go on a stroll with because… it is somehow really sad to not know your city from a photographers point of view… I even know London better that this and I was there for two weeks only…

Well, anyways – here is the town house of Riga at dawn.

And just a question: Is my wifi acting out again or does anyone of you get an error message as well when wanting to upload pictures for posting? I crop them to a 1000 pixels on the longest side, reduce their size as much as possible and actually started using google chrome being totally fed up with the slowliness of TOR or Safari… Anyone else with upload issues? It would really comfort me, if yes…


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