Writings on the wall 


This is one of the pictures fixed to my wall with tiny, rainbow colored stripes of washii tape… Amelie, trying to get the shot she wanted (and struggling a bit, I fear) while wearing this adoreable hat… it is like the thing those dwarfs in the Snowwhite disney movie wore… And it is so wonderful… She looks amazingly cute in this and somehow i like the angle… That glow of dawn in the background, the snow, the bit of stray hair…


8 thoughts on “Writings on the wall 

    • Thank you 🙂 this was the last time where all of us did something together before I moved to Latvia… It was so amazing- the four of us, each with a camera, each one a special kind of crazy 😉


      • I’m sure you will soon find a group of photog friends there too! Are you joining some kind of photography club to meet new people with the same interest as you?

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      • I hope so… Not yet- well I haven’t found one yet. Neither at university nor elsewhere but my Latvian is as well still limited to the most basic stuff. (Well after two weeks of Latvian language classes I am finally able to tell people, that I am from Germany and don’t speak Latvian. – amazing when ordering something 😉 ) but I think that’ll change soon… Any tips for finding such groups?


      • I see! The language can be a barrier indeed… Perhaps you can try to connect with Erasmus people at your university, a more international community and an English speaking environment.
        As for finding photography groups/clubs I would search on Facebook, usually these kind of clubs have a FB group/page set up. I’m part of one from my local area for photographers, models and makeup artists, so we can connect and find people for projects. I was also part of a club before that I found through their FB page.
        Are you on Instagram? I would also search there, you can search by the hashtag of the city you live and find interesting people who like to take pictures too. You can first connect with them through Instagram and eventually meet them in person and take photos together. I hope this helps! 🙂


      • I will look for some one Facebook – if you put Riga into the Instagram feed most pictures are either boobs or booty- which is not really what I am looking for 😉 thanks a lot (never thought about searching on Facebook 😉 )


      • You’re welcome! As for Instagram.. that’s embarrassing and weird lol Try searching by the hashtag #igersriga (which stands for “Instagrammers of Riga”), I had a quick look at that one and it seems to have lots of beautiful photos from there 😉

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