Happiness is…

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Happiness is waking up to a message of your girlfriend, telling you how much she loves you and how amazing you are for feeling the same.
Happiness is smelling the slightly sweet smell of that scented candle while learning anatomy for 6 days straight.
Happiness is taking the shots you planned while strolling an unknown city.
Seeing that city gradually become home, realizing you find your way around even if you are in a different place than you are normally, creating the usual map on google with spots to revisit for photography, spots for special shots.
Happiness is finding things on your hard drive after weeks and weeks of searching, realizing that there is only one week left until your 18th birthday, having your parents visiting you and taking with them your grandfather.
Happiness is knowing you might go on holidays in London with maybe a few trips to the countryside of the UK during the semester break and being able to take your girlfriend with you. Knowing the wonderful people who welcomed you so wonderfully the last time will do everything to make you stay at their place (and that possibly for free), knowing that your girlfriend is so much happier (and you are as well) after skyping for three hours in the midst of the night, discussing strange topics and realizing how wonderful it is to think the same things at the same time. Skyping with your girlfriend in general seems wonderful as well.
Happiness is realizing that half of my study group knows about my relationship to my dearie and they accept me as I am, no one seems to talk behind my back, no one rejected me, no one actually bothered. Hearing ‘amazing! You can explain to me all the stuff I don’t understand about dating a girl!’ after telling that really cute boy from my study group (who insisted on accompanying me after the last class to eat something in my favorite spot) that I am in a relationship currently. To another girl. The lesbian kind of relationship.
‘If you have any SAGA (Sexuality And Gender Acceptance) issues, questions or anything – just go ahead and tell me!’ from our Students associations chairman and ‘Well, it is always necessary to know a persons background. Especially when they belong to some minority. I mean the People of color, the religious minorities and all of them might be quite obvious but especially with the LGBT or better SAGA community there might be some issues. They might not tell you and be scared – especially when talking about STD’s, problems regarding sexual health and so on. Never expect a gay man to tell you that he is gay. Never expect a woman to look like a lesbian.’ and seeing this grown up professor wink at me, playing around with a little rainbow-colored bracelet…
Coming home.
All of this is happiness. All of this is wonderful and necessary and so amazing. All of this is new to me. And I am so glad about it.

The picture above is us during that week around new years eve. That is the longest time we ever spent with each other. A week. And it felt like a year. It was so wonderful.
Well… But please ignore my arms in that shot… Somehow the lighting and angle makes them see, slimmer than they already are…  We did a bunch of these shots. Really loads of them and while reviewing them I am surprised how happy both of us seem in all of them… This one is rather the silent joy kind of expression but anyways…
Courtesy of this picture goes to Elias D. I have just reworked it.


12 thoughts on “Happiness is…

  1. woaoww .. that really well written .. and you look beautiful even with those a bit slim arms … 🙂
    and … i have a question for you that ” how do you know that waking up with your girlfriends message about how much she loves you makes a guy happy” ???? .. HOW LADY !!! People want to know … 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you very much! I felt like writing yesterday evening and well… I don’t know, this is what comes out when I start to write. It is either very friendly and fluffy or the classic rant – i don’t think there are any in betweens 😉
      I was quite slim at that time and genuinely tried to gain weight because… well… You could say it was kinda unhealthy but anyways: Thank you. Being happy makes everyone beautiful 😉

      You know, there are the birds and the bees and the rainbow colored butterflies (hey, thats me!!! 😉 )… No, being honest, she is the first thing in the morning to make me happy. You know, the alarm goes off and it is way to early, dark outside and I already wake up grumpy on these days. She knows. She knows what I am like in the mornings and lights up my day by just writing those tiny little words… And well. That is the first thing each day to be happy about. I think everyone feels the same according to this. Whether you are gay or straight or anything in between. I dated guys and felt the same… With her it’s just so much more intense 😉 And anyways: I can do magic, didn’t you know?!

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