Miniature men


I think we all know these moments in which we feel truly small. minimalistic. The Latvian coastline made me feel this way. The sea normally does – and I love it for calming me down, taming my demons, keeping me silent and in a moment of true relaxation for as long as it is there… This man seemed to have had the same special moment. He stood there for ages, looking into the whitish waves of the grumbling north sea, which occasionally kissed my feet, rumbling in the deep, the clear water telling stories of a thousand years and a thousand men, trying to tame it…

I love the sea.

There will be a series of images from Jurmalas coast line and I am even considering the same kind of post I did on Berlin for Riga, Jurmala and the outcasts of latvia, as soon as I find the time to travel there.

Currently anatomy is killing me somehow. We did all the bones in two lessons (which meant having the possibility to learn all of them in two weeks… Well… My memory is sadly lagging legs – though I will change that in the next days…)

I don’t know when I am back in the usual posting schedule or when I am taking pictures again (but I certainly won’t stop posting the onesI have already for now!)
Let’s see how things work out- Latvia stopped trying to confuse me a few days ago – maybe after I learned one crucial sentence: Es nerunaju latviski. I don’t speak Latvian.
I know how to say ‘I’m sorry’, ‘Please’, ‘Thank you’, ‘I’m fine’ and stuff like that – but I cant handle the conversation some people tried to attempt… Latvia is amazing, Latvia is welcoming me quite warm but sadly I am not yet able to thank it like I should. But this will pass. It always passes with time.
Maybe one day I’ll be able to truly conversate with someone in Latvian and not my (now truly horrifically british) English… I am continuously losing pats of my German- some words and phrases only appear in English and I actually have to google words to translate them to my mother tongue because they somehow slipped my mind… It is weird…

You’ll hear from me on Monday I guess, try to keep up with your blogs but time is so incredibly short- I actually wrote this post for two days on my phone while being on the bus to university… You folks are amazing, thanks for reading until here, stay tuned for more north sea 😉


6 thoughts on “Miniature men

  1. This is a great photo. You truly capture that sense of being dwarfed by the immense sea. Very beautiful 🙂
    I definitely relate to what you write about the sea. It’s good that you get to see it too in Latvia.

    Don’t worry about your posting schedule. It will take time before everything settles again and uni doesn’t swallow your life.
    I know the feeling of losing your own language 😛 During my first years in the UK, it was a struggle to speak French (I also kept having to look up words I should have known) but it gradually got easier to speak English and French without one suffering (usually French).

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    • Thank you! It is amazing there – the coastline is so long and uninterrupted that you can’t even see its ends. It is unbelievable! So much to explore, to picture and to experience… Somewhere ought to be an ‘old’ lighthouse (and I definitely have to get there!)…
      I like your expression of university swallowing my life – because it somehow does 😉 I never thought it could be like that but well- I usually have so many things to prepare and learn, it is horrific… But well… I study medicine so maybe that’s why stuff is so overwhelming XD But these are the basics right now and they are always a little more to learn so it should level out within the next weeks.
      I am so happy that this is not only my problem! I had serious issues when talking via Skype with those who are left behind in Germany… Like asking to swap to English for a moment because I don’t know how to express the thought in German… (I was so happy they did!!)
      Another weird thing: learning Latvian. We get all the translations to Latvian terms in English so I am learning a new language through a foreign one… Weird but somehow effective for both- English and Latvian 😉
      Thanks for your wonderful comment! I am always happy to hear from you (and especially that I am not alone with some issues 😉 )

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  2. Looking forward to seeing more of your images, love this one. I can imagine myself on that beach, I too love the sea – it’s been longer than it should since I spent time with it

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