Hey there – I am back. Like oficially. For the second time. With good hope. Looking forward to maintaining my ‘backness’…
Well, the first to weeks were quite overwhelming and I barely took any pictures but this weekend I found the time somehow (well I didn’t but an all nighter of anatomy was totally worth it 😉 )

Labi. (means well in Latvian) I made it to the market again and took my camera along (that was actually last Sunday but who cares)… Yesterday I made it to my laptop and reworked some pictures so I’ll very likely stay posting for a few weeks (on my reduces schedule)…


This woman is selling some of the best apples I ever tasted… For around one Euro per kilogramm… To all the food lovers out there: Eating is amazingly cheap here in Riga, buying fresh, local and wonderful ingredients for cooking is as well (1kg of potatoes for 30 cents) so I’ll possibly eat all the time but never mind: It is so cold that I’ll just freeze off the extra calories 😉


2 thoughts on “Riga

    • Thanks, dear. I am doing my best to keep posting 😉
      I am giving my best – the city is amazing (and I am loosing my last typical German attitudes a little currently) and yes, the market is- four halls with food and some stands outside the halls as well… I think whatever you are searching for, someone here will have it 😉

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