The dark lady


Possibly from some dark film noir, featuring the lonely landlady and her murdering gardener. Oder housekeeper… Maybe something miss Marple like- oh I loved the miss Marple movies- especially those with Margaret Rutherford and her husband as mr stringer… But somehow the murderous hand from behind is missing…


I will moderate your comments tomorrow, as I am quite occupied at the moment… I dont know when and if i will return to the recent posting schedule of five posts a week… Three seem way more manageable…


9 thoughts on “The dark lady

      • I clicked on your name from a comment of mine you liked. From there I checked out your site. I looked at some of your photographs by clicking on the pictures on the front page. Did you not want me to look at your blog? I am sorry if I invaded!

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      • No dear! I definitely appreciated that! Like really… I am just the curious kind of girl and I always love to know how people found me 😉 I am sorry if I sounded a little rude- english is not my mother tongue (but German is) and we tend to be a lot more direct in language… I am sorry

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      • No I did not think you were rude! I just wanted to make sure I didn’t overstep my welcome. I like to pay it forward when someone gives me some attention for something I wrote. German hmm , well danke
        für die gleichartige. I don’t really speak German, I’m French but I love Germany and only know a few words.

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      • No, of course not – I am always glad when someone appreciates my work… I am blogging here for two years now and nearly every day there is someone new to discover and whoms works are so wonderful… 🙂
        Never mind- the German language is somehow hard to learn, I guess… 😉 Even some Germans can’t speak it properly so never mind 😉
        I tried to learn french though… But due to my current effort to learn Latvian it all gets lost somehow… 😉


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