Feels like flying


Hey there!
here I am, officially back (and finally with real internet connection from my flat – that means there will be the usual smooth posting process within the next time)

The first week is now nearly done and time was flying by really fast. I still have no furniture of any kind in my flat except the kitchen which was there when renting the apartment, a mattress to sleep on and a kitchen table which was there when renting as well, but it is working out quite well. The rest of my stuff from germany will arrive within the next weeks and to be honest: I am happy here.
It is of course way more complicated in terms of having a relationship to my dearie who stayed in Germany (but will visit me in a few weeks!!!) and eing completely unable to make myself understood in Latvian (though this is changing from day to day as well).
The university is very caring and I have even found someone to talk to about LGBTQ* issues and so on…

It truly feely like flying. Even though the next six years might be the hardest of my life and I still haven’t understood a bunch of issues in the study process… I am finally free. Free to do whatever I feel like. Free to choose my on ways, free to be who I am. And my Girlfriend next to me in the morning is the only thing that could perfect this days even more…



8 thoughts on “Feels like flying

  1. Yey, I didn´t know you were going there for six years, thought it´d be an exchange or so! So the better for you! 🙂 I hope everything will go smoothly and you will enjoy your new life over there…curious for what you have to say about Latvia.

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    • Yes, I am going to obtain an international degree in medicine, and as thats quite hard and a lot more expensive in Germany i moved to Riga to do that here… The people are very nice, the city of Riga is wonderful and the university is amazing as well- I think I’ll spend a great time here!

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