This quite dynamic shot was one of the ‘could you do that again’ type- a series of shots featuring her and snow…

I just signed all the contracts for my flat and will move in tomorrow in my new home… Somehow terrifying (especially the heavy cleaning which is needed in order to somehow live there without getting ill on the first day 😉
But anyways… I am still surprised about how cheap living here is… like constantly… Orientation week starts tomorrow and I am super anxious-overly-excited-lunatically- weirded-out about this… But never mind 😉
I’ve actually started to take some pictures of my new city and might show them to you some days later this week- I am leaving the hotel tomorrow morning and have no idea when I’ll have a network connection with my laptop for the next time (and was too tired to schedule posts after doing all the regulative stuff with the insurance, flat and so on today… I hope that ill be back to normal by the end of this week) anyways: anyone out there who thinks that my short updates on my situation in Latvia are totally bollocks and that I should definitely stop? Please tell me 😉


7 thoughts on “Justine

    • Thank you- the worst parts are already done (packing my stuff, saying goodbye and squeezing a whole life into 23kg of luggage) and until now it was all quite manageable… 😉


  1. Cool picture, and what an exiting time! Good luck cleaning and moving in! I guess these days are (emotionally) exhausting.

    Take care and keep on sharing (with pictures obviously, as you are a photographer).

    Kind regards,

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    • Thanks a lot- the pictures will definitely stay- as you mentioned as well: my blog is about photography and it will stay this way 😉
      I might return within the next days with some longer or shorter posts on the general situation 🙂
      Cheers, Mary


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