Glittery things

One main part of the shooting with elias was Lisas and my plan to completely cover his beard in glitter and do some shots with that… well.. It didn’t work out as we wanted to and due to Elias genius girlfriend – Gina – we came to letting the glitter fall into the shot…

Lisa has a thing for the dark and gravely looks… And this is what came out…




4 thoughts on “Glittery things

  1. This is great 🙂
    This whole series of shots has been amazing. I loved seeing a new shot from this series everyday. They are so playful.

    They are not only beautiful shots but also full of untold stories. I’m having a lot of fun imagining little stories around each photo 🙂

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    • Thank you! There are still a few left 😉 Lisa is amazing in front of the camera- she did that whole posing thing by herself with barely a comment from me or Elias…
      I can imagine that- there is a lot of space for imagination in such shots! ☺️


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