When memory is what remains


Yesterday the wonderful Alan Rickman passed away… He lost against cancer and I found myself in the middle of the forest, my beloved pony next to me because we were on a stroll, looking at my phone and having tears rolling down my face.
I didn’t cry about David Bowie, I didn’t even cry about Philip Seymour Hoffman or Robin Williams (even though I was a tremendous fan of both of them) but Mr Rickman made me cry two times- when he died as the fabulous Severus Snape – the one I’ve always admired most and today… My little one was totally disturbed by me crying next to her and actually tried to comfort me- which didn’t make it better in any way… The world lost two talents in four days and this month isn’t even over…
Rest in peace mister Rickman, people like you make me wish that some kind of heaven exists… Farewell to a talented man. Farewell to Judge Turpin (Sweeney Todd) , Antoine Richis (Perfume), Harry (Love… Actually) and Severus Snape (who might have inspired me to keeping physics a year longer because my teacher somehow resembled him…).

The picture shows my wonderful girlfriend by the way- the reflection, her look back and the general scenery made me somehow melancholic- I originally wanted to keep it and post this later but well…


2 thoughts on “When memory is what remains

  1. It came a shock to me as well. I couldn’t quite believe it when someone told me and I had to check. It feels odd to know he passed away…

    Your shot is really good. I get a sense of the title of the post, like I’m trying ot grasp that moment but the details are already melting away.

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    • It’s just so unreal- I knew he had cancer and he wasn’t looking that healthy in the last Harry Potter film but well…
      I am glad I’m not the only one to find this picture suitable 😉 and: Thank you!


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