Fotoparade 2-2015

I was truly happy to hear, that the parade was going on- it was a lot of fun the last time and i think its always nice to look back through the pictures you took within that year…

So, Michael from Erkunde die welt recently announced the second round on his blog (discover the world – a wonderful travel and photography blog) set the following themes:

  1. Best of summer
  2. Best of autumn
  3. Best of waters
  4. Best of home
  5. Best of landscape
  6. overall favorite

I just had to take part! 

  1. Best of summer

Summer wasn’t that big on this blog- considering the fact that I was either stressed and unable to take pictures due to graduating from highschool or somewhere out and about in London or elsewhere.


This truly described my summer- I spent two months in Berlin- working at the DIfE in Potsdam and the Charité campus Benjamin franklin. Living in the Dorm of potsdam university was somehow weird though. But why did I chose this? This is Amelie- I have already posted loads of pictures with and of her but this weekend, the one she came to berlin was one of the best I had this summer. You find the original post here

  1. Autumn.

 I have a lot of autumn. After I got back the people at home considered me a hopeless lunatic – I was bored and grumpy and mainly dressing in black- as it came handy in Berlin. I was used to the way of talking, the way of getting to know each other and the general ‘du’ whenever you talk to someone… But back in the countryside I had a rather hard time getting off that habits…

Amelie saved me a bit- we went out into the woods to take pictures, vici and Justine were as well the ones who gave me the feeling of home again… Maybe this was the theme of these 6 months- home. How it moves and how fast you can be at home anywhere…


This one was one of the first with my new camera, I tried around a lot and this came out quite well. The orange of autumn is coming out quite well and I always like the reflection in that crystal ball 😉
You’ll find the original post here

  1. Best of waters


This fall I visited the caribbean with my family (including gradnparents) as a final trip before I leave for university.

This one was the last day, in Barbados, the last time swimming in that wonderful and warm water and the last time of seeing the endless sea… I love the caribbean, the water, the mood, the climate… Every time I have a look at that picture I feel warm again, cozy. I smell the sea and hear the waves slapping against the boat, rumbling beyond, splashing into my face from time to time. Making me feel alive.

Me going back there one day to work there is definitely a possibility…

See te original post here.

  1. Best of home

Home is where the heart is. My family i home to me, the dogs, the nature…

Its sometimes a bit creepy here, in the countryside but that’s life 😉


Find the original post here.

  1. Best of Landscape



This was as the poppies startet t bloom and was literally my only picture which is only landscape themed 😉

  1. Overall favorite



I know, that this is a very recent one but (taken on the 30.12.) it still is a part of 2015- this is my wonderful girlfriend. The one who makes me feel at home, the one who makes me run around – smiling and giggling like a total maniac – and the one who makes me feel cozy and warm, even when she had to open the door to the balcony in order to get some fresh air (in the midst of the night. while it was freezing outside) and i am shivering. She is making me smile in the morning after I got up and in the evening before I go to sleep. And we are about 3 hours by train apart. Soon it will be 3 hours by plane and 12 by train. Soon it will be across 3 countries, through the half of Europe. This is what will be framed on my wall. I will have a different one on the desk next to my bed. I cant have this all the time at this moment because my parents don’t know about me being at least bisexual, about them never having the handsome in law… I don’t know… So this is what she means to me. My sunshine, my dearie, and most important: my girlfriend. The few days I spent with her are the most prominent ones of this year. They seem to be sparkling and I literally remember every detail. This is what made 2015 wonderful. This is my picture of the year (though all in which we are together had to be taken by someone else)…


I hope you enjoyed this little wrap up as much as I did, thought i am quite late to participate actually… Well. Chaos in my mind, chaos in my plan of moving abroad- chaos everywhere 😉


12 thoughts on “Fotoparade 2-2015

  1. Good selection of photo 🙂
    I think my favourite among those is the boat one. I still really love the light and colours on it.

    I hope you’ll be taking your crystal ball with you in Latvia. I love how you play with it in your photos.

    Good luck with the move!
    I hope you’ll manage to make your new place your home quickly.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks a lot 🙂 the boat one is indeed wonderful 🙂
      I definitely take my things with me- and as the crystal ball belongs to all my photography stuff it will move with me as well… I hope so- but making a new place home is what life is all about, isn’t it?
      Will be missing my girlfriend most but she’ll visit me for a few weeks whenever possible 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. PS Would be great if you could link your article to my post like mentioned in the participants condition. Otherwise I could not consider your post for the contest. I assume you just have forgotten that? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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