Night visions


My first try in night photography, having my tripod with me (for the first time as well)… I like how the stars come out just a bit and this car illuminates the street… (enlarge it to see the stars in detail 😉 )


17 thoughts on “Night visions

      • I got a study place offered two days ago in Riga and as medicine takes 10 years to be learned completely I might not be able to travel that much in the next years… 😉


      • I will start on 25th of January- thats quite soon actually, given the fact ill have to move and get cozy there before anything begins…
        Well… I’ll have to search for a driver then XD I am quite lousy when it comes to moving a vehicle in general… A bike is ok, a horse, train, bus – everything alright… but driving a car… I have a license because its a must in the countryside butI have barely used it yet 😉


      • I don’t know- I haven’t even got a place to stay for now XD it’s all quite weird… Well- I will 😉
        Latvia is quite beautiful and they seem to like horses as well so… Maybe when Everything is settled I might even move my horse to there- my mum had the idea and it seems quite good actually…


      • Good luck with the move! I’m sure you’ll manage to find something.
        Getting your horse in Latvia sounds like a brilliant idea, especially since you started to build a new relationship. And it’ll be a little bit of home away from home ^^

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      • Thanks 🙂
        Yeah- just a tiny little bit of home and comfort 🙂
        About 1.500(?) kilometres away from home is a quite huge distance… I mean I spend some weeks in China but this is completely different… I’ll come home for the weekends by bike I guess 😉 (someone actually suggested that XD )
        My mum will start working with her so she is not that ‘alone’ but I’ll definitely be crying… A lot…


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