How he sees the world


Another one from this weekend. We let him run free without a leash for some parts of the way each time because well… He is old, nearly blind and slow but running freely through the fields makes him happy… My mum and I walked with some distance between us and called for him a few times so he knew where we were… I took this one when he was wondering where my mother were after sitting by my side for a minute…


11 thoughts on “How he sees the world

  1. What a tremendous point of view! Very well done! I like how we see the world as if we were squatting next to the dog.

    I think, despite almost being blind, your dog knew where your mom was 🙂


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    • Thanks a lot ☺️ I see it exactly the same- they are loving their humans unconditionally and without ends or changes… I remember him sitting next to my grandpa, the old men watching to together, actually discussing the programme and my grandpa resting his hand on the dogs head for whole hours… It’s just so wonderful to see what this dog was capable of doing to that old and grumpy man 😉

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