Enjoying the sun


I don’t know how long we are fussing around. Me and her. We got her three years ago- maybe longer and we never were a team. I was always riding the more experienced pony, the one who taught me lessons- not the one who has been taught things. Well- after the older one died this spring I had to work with her. I had to get us working as a team- until the end of the year. We literally started six weeks ago. And now we are one. I know her, she knows me and we are quite good together… We actually played together yesterday and it was amazing. This wasn’t possible two months ago. I wasn’t able to ride her. I wasn’t able to use only one hand without losing it and taking a phone out for this picture wasn’t possible either. I am proud.


14 thoughts on “Enjoying the sun

    • Thanks – according to patience: I worked about four weeks only from the ground- to renew the connection and her trust and so on… It was really nasty to see all those other people ride past on their horses and knowing that this might never happen to us… I never thought we’d get there and getting to this point was maybe the best part: seeing how she trusts and how we as team improved…

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  1. Very nice photo, and even prettier story! It is great to bond, and some say it’s even better to bond with an animal than human.

    Great job on your hard work and patience! And great work by your horse too 🙂

    Have a great Thursday!

    Warm regards,

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    • Hey there- different to humans they bond and love unconditionally- they do or they don’t. There are no in betweens and no conditions- and that makes it a lot easier 😉
      And yes- she is amazing ☺️ I am so proud of her…
      Same to you!
      Yours, mary

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      • Hi,
        I grew up with a bunch of horses around me and realised that most of them like humans, if they don’t like you they’ll never give everything for you or even care about your ‘wishes’ – they mostly have one person they trust and bond to and becoming that person is sometimes really hard work… It’s not about feeding them or caring, it’s about gradually building trust and working with them every single day…
        Happy Sunday, enjoy your evening and a good start into the new week

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  2. Congratulations 🙂
    It must be amazing to know you’ve managed to work together in the end and make that connection all the more special.
    Having the story below the photo really enhances it, and make it more special.

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    • Thanks 🙂
      It is indeed wonderful and close to unbelievable 😉

      I thought about leaving only the picture but this was something quite special to me so I thought it would be nice to share the story behind it as well 😉

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