Public transport


Many people hate it- I love it: the Suburban, underground or metrotram – I love the public transport. I walk a lot when being in a bigger ctiy to avoid missing something of the architecture but in Berlin I love the Suburban… This one is from the underground- its the classiest thing to photograph when thinking of Berlin but well… Literally two minutes later someone asked what kind of camera I used and if he could hold it for a second- I told him which it was but that he couldn’t take it because I am quite paranoid when it comes to my camera and would even forbid my grandma to hold it… This led to us talking for 15 minutes during the way to the Eberswalder Straße… I had an appointment there and needed a chicken Döner quite badly…

I like Berlin- the special atmosphere and the possibility of being myself… It is different and that is wonderful.


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