In the truly gruesome do we trust…


Well. While the last candles haven’t burned down yet the German politicians are discussing again. They are fussing about a limitation of the inflow, Russia is fussing with turkey, turkey with other things and Germany is giving space to Erdogan in order to get rid of refugees.

It is one terrible mess. We are giving rights to those who make reporters, bloggers and critical voices right less, bann news reports, censore newspapers and critical speeches and THEY, they should become a part of the EU? Those who cooperate seemingly with the so called islamic state in selling oil? Those who shot a Russian military force, because they flew bombings on these regions? they should be part of the EU? They? While we refused all the time due to issues with the basal principles of our agreements? This can’t be right. This just can’t be the answer. When you are so desperate in getting rid of the immigrants and forgot what your main ideas and basic principles are, this is the wrong way.

This is clearly not what should be the consequence of the Paris attacks, this is just a sad and wrong was to deal with own insecurities. I am not proud of my country anymore. I feel ashamed and that is probably the worst part.


8 thoughts on “In the truly gruesome do we trust…

  1. Well, keep in mind that the Russian politics is just as imperialist as the USA one. They keep provoking with their planes around foreign borders. Remember their actions in Ukraine, Chechenya and other countires. As far as I know, the turkish government issued a warning that they will shoot down planes that are tresspassing, no matter who it is. I think Russians knew very well what they are doing and the result just suits them for something.
    Also, have you ever been to Turkey if you judge them so harshly? I have been just to Istanbul for a week some days ago, but I don´t have any negative experience with the people over there. It doesn´t mean everyone there is lovely and sunny and peaceful, but just that they are people like you and me and not some human trash.
    I personally think the situation with asylum seekers and all kinds of immigrants could be helped (not solved, but still) with a simplification of the migration laws and the possibilities to obtain a working permit. It is really too hard at the moment and unless we let people work in Europe, we can not complain that we are throwing out money giving it to them. Europe shouldn´t be a closed fortress. We, Europeans, get the chance to travel and work wherever we damn please. It is unfair to kick everyone else out and say that they don´t have that right.


    • First of all: thanks for your comment- you really took some time to express your opinion and that is amazing- because it shows you actually care.
      Anyways, I am not judging Russia in this article. It is sad but true that Erdogan and his regime helped the IS during the last year- by being an semi open transit zone and helping with the oil sells… Russia is doing a bunch of weird shit as well but that is not the point. The point is that Turkey is rather bombing the PKK and Kurdish villages, organizations or structures. They set the IS on one level with the PKK- allowing themselves to bomb both. That is my issue.
      I am not defending the Russian actions in the Ukraine or Chechenia, I am not defending Russia at all- I am a gay girl, having myself a girlfriend and therefore especially the cuts on civil rights, human rights, freedom of press and gay rights are the worst things to imagine for me and my kind of living. But that is not the point here.
      As you asked: I haven’t been to Turkey but I am writing based on the facts some news organisations (BBC, Telegraph, Times, Le monde and the Spiegel) presented equally and validated by different ways and proofs. I am cross reading several pages and newspapers, because I won’t trust a single report.
      Anyways – I don’t judge or criticize the turkish people, they are the kindest humans I’ve ever met in my life. I have friends in Turkey (like a bunch of them) and hear what they say as well. I never talked about ‘human trash’ as you said and would never see someone that way because of the country he’s from, his mindset, believes, sexual orientation, gender or ethnic background.
      As MLK said ‘all man are created equal.’ -he said some other things and did some weird stuff as well- I am just quoting this sentence now. Just this one, because I truly believe in this.
      The life as a tourist is different from normality. I don’t know if you had contact with the government, with the basic rights and stuff like that. I don’t know what you have experienced there but in the end it is hard to judge by just a week of traveling as well.
      And to point this out once more: I don’t complain about the immigrants and refugees. I don’t complain about the expenses for these issues and I definitely don’t complain about them being helped. I want them to get more rights. Like the possibility to work, because this might as well help against the common prejudice of them getting fed and doing nothing, it would give them a useful work and a sense of life again. They should be able to work for their own expenses- like they did in their country as well – to get a bit of freedom. Your own money means a lot more freedom, possibilities and so on.
      I want them to be able to take lessons in German, to send their kids to school and to obtain basic qualifications in the areas they worked before. They should be able to work the same way they did before as long as it fits with our local regulations in safety and quality standards. Thats what I think about this.
      I think that ever government in the EU should spend less on building fences and border forces and put it into the essential parts of taking refugees instead. Every european country that fights the IS should take refugees – because the bombings are a part of their reason to flee their country as well.
      The people from safe countries should be sent back anyways and without exceptions- because it is more important to help those who are in deadly need at the moment. Then everyone else gets his chance. Until the ones with priority aren’t served we are not able to take the rest. Those without right to get asylum should be sent back faster – to obtain space for the needy. They should be able to get asylum faster.
      I don’t separate in worthy and unworthy or something similar but try to find a solution BUT loosing every basic thought on overall agreements in order to get rid of the problem is no way. The refugees have to be shared throughout Europe but should not violate the basic agreements over this.
      I hope I explained myself a bit better now- because this is on my mind when I am criticizing my government, when I am criticizing my country and the European Union and I fear you misunderstood me a bit…
      Yours, Mary

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      • Thank you for your long reply, I think it clarifies your point a lot more and you are right about me misunderstanding you in your article. I totally agree on the point about work – there re not much more things more frustrating than being held somewhere with nothing to do. My own country is doing a lousy job when it comes to immigration (of all kinds, not just asylum seekers).
        Of course, travelling somewhere for a week is very little to get to know the place and it´s situation, that´s why I am pointing it out – I have travelled to many places for a lot longer but not to Turkey so I don´t want to judge it.
        Also, about Russia – I hear many people talking about russian politics in a very enthousiast manner which is, you know, quite annoying given all the stuff they do. There is no “good” side in any war, and this is no exception. I could continue about french and others nations guilt in different problems, but that is a whole different discussion.
        Anyhow, thank you for sharing your opinions, it is interesting to discover what other poeple think.

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      • I am glad you understood my point now- though I was quite shocked by your harsh words at first… I actually asked my girlfriend for cross reading the original post whether I’d just written something ‘wrong’ or ‘weird’ because… Well- I didn’t even think about including some of the things you originally mentioned… But anyways- Where are you from?
        Russia is special somehow- the old categories vanish somehow at the moment- Russia was always ‘bad’, china is ‘bad’ but its getting better and the USA are loosing some of their sparkle as well at the moment- the old systems crumble to pieces while we suddenly see that the US war on ‘terror’ partly funded the structures of the IS and made some things possible… They have lost somehow even if they killed some top terrorists… This is a new Kind of cruelty and a new kind of terror- and there wont be any winners when this is over… There will be dust and debris and death but not much left to be bragging about….There is ‘bad’ and ‘worse’ at the moment and as we are currently only to decide whether we will be bombed or bombing I don’t know how to put it but well… Nobody does…

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      • I think it has a lot to do with all the information available. It is a lot more difficult to keep up some propaganda when people can browse the internet freely…
        Yes, the war on terror is not really a war on terror, it is just what they want it to look like (just as the IS is not the only and representative islamic state but it fits them perfectly to be perseived as such) but actually, the deal is just oil and money as always. Same – or similar – case as war on drugs, but I don´t think they will stop the wars in the same way they are stopping (slowly, but still) the war on drugs. Anyway, sorry for being harsh, I didn´t want to insult you!
        I come from Slovakia which is a really small country that most people don´t know anything about (that can be practical too) 🙂


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