Project: Dogs


Umm, I told you about a project lately. The one I was working on for about one year, the one that might end up in some kind of book…. Well- I am photographing the homeless with their dogs. or their dogs alone- because lets face it: they are the only kind of family this people sometimes have. The ones to keep them warm, to accompany them and to save them…

This tiny one belonged to a big easteuropean man- I couldn’t understand his name and the German he spoke was somehow weird but he was so gentle- so caring and it was just heartwarming. He rather tucked the dog completely in his blanket than being covered completely himself and as I asked whether he’d rather want some food for him or the dog- or a coffee he directly pointed at the little one… All the homeless people I talked to cared most about their dogs. They came first. The rest was secondary. And this is wonderful. He got a tea AND something for his boy btw- I don’t pay them with money, because I don’t like it. I don’t give them money at ll. But an Apple, Dog food (sealed- they look at the seals because there have been poisonings) or tea…

I hope you like this project.. The pictures I took until now are wonderful 😉


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