Grumpy portrait


I don’t feel like color at the moment. I don’t know- maybe its the aftermath of paris, maybe the new threats against Germany, maybe the ask for support from Hollande, meaning we might be at the brink of WWIII … I don’t know what it is. It just feels so wrong.

Reworking images normally comes quite easy to me. I do it to relax or when I am stressed- and it calms me down. It makes me happy… At the moment anything I rework seems sad. The colors don’t pop as much- and If i let them stand out I don’t like the picture anymore… I am sorry for that… Maybe its because a friend of mine was providing footage from paris and I still feel the tension of not knowing whether she is well (she is by the way) but anyways…

This one is from Düsseldorf- from my last visit. I wanted to do a portrait of her – she keeps looking strange when she knows about it so I tried to hide my attempt… And she realized it with some kind of ninja sense, turned around and i got this… A portrait from the side- something between ‘hell, I am pissed off’ and my way of finding her beautiful… Because she is.


6 thoughts on “Grumpy portrait

    • The amazing thing was her reaction to the outcome – she normally hates all the pictures I take of her but with this one she was ok… She liked it actually – and even told me 😉 i think she will never be the one for the smiley faces but something like this might be working quite well 😉


  1. You will find your colors, Mary. You will, just like the rest of the world. My wife also don’t like her pictures to be taken, even with our son. Don’t know why but she always turns around whenever I try.

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