Thinking MM 2-33


I really enjoy the weekly monochrome madness at Leanne cole’s blog. It is just amazing- so many wonderful artists share their work and I am able to be one of them (being all over the place when the gallery is on and I see what others did… like ‘oh my god- this is amazing. And this. And this… and this as well…)

Anyways- I loved this one. He sat in front of the art academy in San Juan, Puerto Rico and typed at a slow pace, enjoying his seat in the shadow… I liked the way he sat in front of the sea, the waves rumbling beyond, giving this strange but familiar sound, being totally relaxing… You can leave me at the shore for ages- I’d just sit there, blog or read or just relax- maybe swim a bit… I love the seaside.
I don’t like the mountains that much- maybe because hiking involves so much… walking… but the seaside is my kind of nature. On horseback (which we actually did there), by foot, at the shore, in the water, by night, by day… I sat many evenings just on our balcony and enjoyed the silent rumbling, the fishy smell… Maybe Riga is really my kind of city for a living- the sea is close 😉


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