Liebster Award V

Well, it was kinda surprise actually: I got nominated again to take part at the Liebster award… Ines from IMonnetPhoto nominated me- although she just saw my blog a while ago (i think its about a month- I was really glad that such an amazing artist discovered my work) and told in her post, that it’s all about getting to know her recent follows 😉

Well then… The thanking part is done 😉

The questions- they are really photography related this time… actually for the first time when considering the other questions…

❔How/Why did you become interested in photography?

Photography is a quite simple way to catch moments. I really started to take pictures during my trip to china in 2013 (which was really really amazing) and well- I never stopped… It just went on and on and on… And here I am, blogging for two years and trying to get along with a growing community and trying to improve in style and technics with every picture…

❔ What’s the first photo you published on your blog?

The first one? ugh… it should be this one but i clearly got no idea – deleted some of the first post lately…

❔ Do you photograph mostly to document moments or to be creative?

Umm… That depends – sometimes I document, sometimes I am creative… Mostly I want to take something home. Something beautiful, some memories… I try to photograph with a nice composition, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t… But I tend to do creative shots as well- think about the crystal ball 😉

❔ What’s your favorite time of the day to take photos?

I really like the golden hours of the afternoon- when the light is soft focused and orange…

❔ Where do you get inspiration to photograph?

from music, other photographers, the Flickr groups… Nearly anything… Sometimes its a thought during the time i am on horseback, a tune in the radio or a color which flashes through my mind…

❔ If you could spend a day with a famous photographer who would it be?

Depends If the person was alive or dead… If I could chose dead ones it would definitely be Anja Niedringhaus- she was an amazing war photographer, came from a town near my home and people say she was amazing, friendly and had a great personality… Her pictures are wonderful- she always stayed a little more than other photographers, searched for the human moment at war… Sadly she got shot during a pre-election documentation in Afghanistan…
If it was someone who is alive it might be Steve McCurry- an american photographer who does amazing portraits…

❔ What is your favorite camera to shoot with?

My current love: the Nikon D7100- it is truly wonderful in resolution, functionality and handling- although I am clearly not capable of using all the functions (yet) I try to learn with it…
I got it after my old one the Nikon D3000 had to be labeled as broken (mirror issues, coloring issues, a strange hue on each picture, grainyness to the extreme and no way to change it.)

❔ What was your last purchase photography related?

The D7100- I saved a long time for a better camera – even before mine started to have issues. I wanted to get something in the same range as mine but my Father insisted in getting this one… Got it with a portraiture lens and paid only a third of the nikon price… it was clearly worth it…

❔ Do you have a camera bag?

I confess: no. My camera is mostly dangling around my neck- which made me leave the Fuji Finepix S2 pro- it weighted too much (and is a true oldie according to modern day DSLR lifetimes…) but is still wonderful- the D7100 is light enough to be carried throughout the whole day and if I take a second lens- which i normally don’t do – i put it in a little bag inside my handbag/backpack…

❔ What photography book would you recommend?

I was totally drawn into ‘at war’ by Anja Niedringhaus- a book with black and white wartime photography… It is not about brutality or the military or power(play)- its about the people. showing the faces behind the brutality of war, children playing in the ruins of bombed houses, soldiers celebrating their birthdays far from home and such things… She always stayed a little bit longer- showing the normal proceedings, the way people get along with the daily events… It is an amazing piece of art and got republished in 2014 when she died after it was out of stock in 2011…

❔ Do you print your photos?

Sometimes. I printed out some to pin them to my wall (london, china, special Moments), to give them to friends or to wrap them as presents… When I print them out it is the worst kind of printing to imagine: in the drugstore at some kind of automated printer- 9ct per picture or something similar… I don’t send them away for printing or give them into a lab because.. well its mainly about the picture for me… I don’t need to print it out, I don’t need to pin it somewhere- once I captured a moment, its in my head and saved as one of my beautiful memories somewhere deep inside the blackness 😉

As I just recently got the last award and haven’t followed any new blogs which would fit the rules- I sadly can’t pass this on… I will save the five free nominations I have and maybe do it when I discover someone this week or until the end of this year…


6 thoughts on “Liebster Award V

  1. Thank you for replying to the questions, I enjoyed reading through them! I didn’t realize you had been nominated so many times before, at least this time it was photography related only 😉 I will check Anja Niedringhaus work, you talked about it with such admiration – I got curious!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hadn’t either XD It came to me with some kind of surprise when I searched for the number the post should have 😉 so don’t worry – I am running this for two years now and it seems that some people like my work- I could have said no so just don’t worry!

      She is gorgeous- I have wished to talk to her when she opened her exhibition last year and just thank her for that amazing work… Well- she wasn’t able to open the exhibition herself… And I would have been to shy to attend at all and talking to her… Maybe- if a bunch of people backed me up 😉 so… I would say she is my idol but that could be misunderstood- her works had this unique moment- the spark of a beautiful mind and I fear I won’t be able to catch similar things BUT anyways- if photography can reach perfection she was closest to it from all the photographers I saw so far…
      She should have an official homepage and the ARD made some kind of film after her death… So you should find her… I will stop fangirling around now. I promise.
      In conclusion : she is amazing 🙂

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  2. I enjoyed reading your answer and finding more about your photography journey and what it means for you 🙂

    PS: I haven’t forgotten about my questions… I just need to stop faffing about with them and actually shedule them to go live. I’ll do my best to do that next week at the latest, promise 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks- I hoped it would turn out like that- I mean, what do you know about me besides the stuff on my ‘about’ page? I haven’t told that much about me in the two years at once, I guess 😉
      Oh never mind- I am really patient about that given the fact that I myself tend to take time for such things as well- just tell me when you’ve finished 😉


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