Autumn reflected


So… Another one with the new camera… I got it together with a new lens- because that was cheaper than buying the corpus on its own (which is totally (!) weird… Like you get more and pay less… How is that possible?!) …

you see I am still a bit sloppy in terms of manual focus- the image hasn’t got as focused as I hoped it to be but it is wonderful even though. I like the way that single tree stands out… it is amazing…

Btw; the blurred spots in the Background are actually the trees you see in that ball- I am amazed that the camera captures them as well- the old one did#t- or it did once but not anymore… I am really astonished…

Anyways: I am working on a project currently, maybe you’ll see the first few shots later on… Wish me luck that things work out – took around 20 Pictures already (when sorted and reworked) and by the day I reach the 50 you’ll get something to see… Might be before Christmas, might be next summer, I have no idea 😉


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