Looking up


Whatever is up there- it seems to please her… a lot 😉

It is way to hard to get a picture of this girl. She is not smiling, when I point the camera, she feels weird on every photo even though they are ALL wonderfully marvelous. I love to go out and take pictures together with her but something like this is always a game of chance- the moment she notices I take a photo the moment is gone… I suppose I need something like a spy camera to get the candid shots 😉


4 thoughts on “Looking up

    • It isn’t bad- not at all but it’s somehow exhausting 😉 I am only slightly different when it comes to pictures of me- meaning that I won’t be on any… I am the mouse with that Harry-potter styled invisibility clothing 😉
      So I am totally able to understand her but… Well… XD
      Anyways- the pictures I get in the end are wonderful so…

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