Liebster Award IV

Well, I have got nominated. Again. I am quite happy about this and thank filmgeist9 for his… interesting questions… 😉

As his Blog is written in German he was so kind to translate his questions so there is no need for me to do this. I was really pleased about this. Thank you, dear 😉 And a huge sorry for being that late… I am fussing around with university at the moment and every moment of spare time is used up for random weird stuff so… Sorry…

Let’s start…

  1. What is your first thought monday morning?

It would  be certainly something like ‘Oh my god- not now’ but I don’t even think before I got out of the shower and ate something. I don’t even text my dearie because on mornings- monday mornings especially I am grumpy, cynical and should be avoided until 8 a.m. 😉

  1. Which TV- Show can explain your life?

I have literally no idea on this one… All the shows I watch are about crime and such stuff… Maybe it would be Ellen- I love talking to people, some consider me being funny, and I love her style of clothing… It is not really describing my life but my habits- even when everything seems wrong, bad and overall humiliating: A good laugh can improve everything. I’ll try to provide it 😉

  1. What will happen after death?

Hopefully a lot… I think whatever is imaginable is possible… There might be nothing (but that would be terribly boring, wouldn’t it?!), heaven, hell, reincarnation or just being aware of the worms and maggots eating up your body… There is something for everyone, I fear 😉

  1. How much will you pay for a vibrator?

Oh dear… Really? I have no idea… I don’t even own one (though that doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about it but… Well…)

  1. Where und who was the best concert in your life?

I have only seen one live (robby williams) and wouldn’t consider it the best one… (I was taken there by a friend- she made me an offer i couldn’t refuse…) The best youtube stuff I saw so far was my chemical romance wherever they played… They were always fantastic and I truly regret not having seen one of them…

  1. Hustler is asking for a porn- parodie of your life. What is the title?

Another one with no Idea on it… Quite delicate though 😉

  1. Do you have a feel- good- song, Youtube- Clip, Comic or something else?

It’s actually a bunch of things… ‘Shut up and dance’ from WALK THE MOON or ‘uptown funk’ make me smile most of the time… Lately I found this one on youtube- its wonderful and makes me smile (and doesn’t fit to the papa roach, MCR and other stuff in my normal playlist)… Videos from FailArmy  are good as well 😉 (yes I am nasty and sarcastic 😉 )

  1. Middleage Market, SM- Club or naked at the beach. Where will you go with the clothing in your sleeping room?

FKK- Strand (nude beach) wouldn’t involve that much clothing, would it? 😉 I think it depends but the middle age market is something I would never go- it just isn’t my style… I’d prefer a laid back, lonesome beach… I love the sea 😉

  1. Is veggie- life ok?

If I am not forced to live up to it, of course 😉 I am not eating that much meat but from time to time a bit of chicken or fish is just better than anything different… Buy good and fair produced meat and don’t wonder if the things you get for 2€ are just crap and full of rubbish…

  1. When do you post a photo in your blog?

When it’s reworked and ready… Its a photo blog so… Like… all the time, I suppose 😉

  1. Could you immediatly spend 20 or 30 $?

I think I could, though I am saving for moving to latvia so every euro literally wanders into the ‘ikea-stuff-moving-future-plans-fund’ in a small glas on my shelf…

Again, sorry for being late.

My questions

  1.  First thought on monday mornings? (I think ill keep this)
  2.  Your favorite city so far?
  3.  Any upcoming events/ journeys you look forward to?
  4.  What kinds of blogs are mainly in your reader?
  5.  Big city or small town?
  6.  Your favorite TV show?
  7.  How do you keep things and memories?
  8.  Fall is coming: How do you spend cold and rainy afternoons?
  9.  Your favorite movie?
  10. If you could start over and do everything you’d like to: what would it be?
  11. What is inspiring you?

I know, I know, its not that elaborate and unique and you might have seen this kind of questions in a trillion of blogs but whatever…


As kind of revenge Riklinde from Schwarzbuntgestreift
Allysse riordan because her blog makes me want to travel that badly…
Hammad Rais because his post are always somehow inspiring…


3 thoughts on “Liebster Award IV

  1. It’s quite an interesting lot of questions you got!
    I’m the same about veggies. That’s what I eat most of the time but I do get a good piece of meat every now and again from the butcher.

    Thanks again for the nomination.
    And I’m very glad I make you want to travel ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, I think interesting describes them best 😉
      Oh dear- Overtime I see one of your posts (though i am currently working my way through your older posts) I realize how being away from home keeps me alive… How badly I want to see the world in all its facets and colors… Amazing blogs do that to me 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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