Doubled reflection

double reflection

I really liked the way this wet stone reflects the crystal balls picture, turning the scenery right way up again… Somehow magic, isn’t it?


24 thoughts on “Doubled reflection

      • Is it? I’m not familiar with mm sizes. I’m getting ready to post a quick one on my blog of my kitchen. I haven’t had time to get out and take “real” photos lately haha.

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      • Oh dear- it is big… It is a bit more than 3 inches so for holding it in the air it might be a bit large but the pictures will be wonderful anyways 😉
        Have my pictures inspired you to buy it or was it something different?

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      • A friend of mine purchased one of these so I thought I’d try it. I ran across your blog post in the reader and thought…wow it’s kismet! Crystal balls are everywhere! Yes it does present an issue for holding it that’s for sure.

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      • Weeeee are eveerywheeereee (imagine this with some kind of creepy halloween pumpkinish voice 😉 )
        I ran across it somewhere on a friends tumblr and was like ‘I seriously have to try…’ Now I am carrying this marvel everywhere and even got in trouble with authorities on two mayor airports 😂 never try to take it through a security screening- it appears to be metal on the screen and they seriously seem to hate metal 😂
        Maybe try a crazy kind of selfie stick 😉 or just carry along someone to hold it for you- I did this in London and it’s really relaxing 😉

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    • Do it and enjoy playing around with the reflection – and don’t forget to tell me when you happen to post some pictures- I am really looking forward to others doing this and seeing their results…


    • Thanks! I discovered this merely by accident 😉 We had a drama class at school and one of the others brought along a glass ball for some future-teller-impro thing and I was like ‘oh my god. Thats amazing!’ and bought one from amazon…
      I got the 40mm one- I’d suggest the 50mm for trying out- because mine is quite small actually…
      When you have one I’ll definitely have a look at your pictures 😉


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