Little talks

little talks

these women were talking for quite a while, sitting in the streets on St. Maarten, where no one wants to see the island but spend time shopping jewelry and other stuff. I didn’t like st. Maarten… It was too much to me. Too much jewelry, too much shopping, too little culture… But anyways… When you leave the crowded shopping areas, where some spend more in one day than I earn in a year, the people get nicer, the sight is better, the houses more beautiful… And people get more human. They don’t try to sell stuff but just sit around, talking to each other and enjoying themselves,,,


2 thoughts on “Little talks

  1. Yes, St. Maarten is very, I don’t know, “Plastic,” at the coast. I’ve lived here for a few months now and I tend to dismiss front street and Maho. What I love is the people, especially the kids. When you get to know the kids, you get to know St. Maarten. St. Maarten is so full of many cultures– it’s the place where islanders love to settle. But the travelers have to really dig to see that and find the real SXM. Sounds like you were able to do that.

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    • Let’s say I tried my very best. I didn’t like the touristic spots and just walked around a bit- I don’t now- I couldn’t imagine to live there, because it’s THAT MUCH tourism…
      I think I only had a glance at the real st Maarten – maybe I’ll have to stay for longer another time and try a bit harder 😉

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